Investment Planning

We manage money the way you want it managed. We offer non-proprietary strategies, which are either fee-based, commission-based or both. During our conversation of possible strategies, we together weigh the pros and cons of what might be best for you.

Through our alignment with Securities Service Network, LLC and SSN Advisory, Inc., we offer our clients strategies ranging from professionally managed money, mutual fund programs, fixed annuities, variable annuities and alternative investments. Depending on your situation, we may find during our planning process that a combination of strategies may be appropriate for you.

We strive to understand your goals and work with you to create a plan that makes sense to you. We take time to understand your goals, risk tolerance and comfort level with different types of investment solutions. Not all solutions are right for every client.

Initial review We work with third party money managers of some of the leading national firms to review and analyze your investments and show you where there might be opportunities to make improvements, such as avoiding investment overlap or concentration, readjusting asset allocation or reducing risk.

Educate We are here to educate you on different solutions. We work with money managers who can tailor a portfolio to your specific needs. Some of our clients are seeking maximum growth; others want a downside threshold to hopefully help them avoid catastrophic market loss. In both cases, the managers are actively making day-to-day market decisions. Some will even move to cash when certain triggers tell them to get out of the market, such as in 2008 and 2020.

Also, annuities, whether fixed, index or variable, might be appropriate to explore as an option. Annuities, issued by insurance companies, have riders that can offer everything from guaranteed income for life to downside protection to a death benefit. One client might want to make sure they have a set amount of income; another might want the opportunity to participate in potential market growth without experiencing loss; while another might want to make sure their investment portfolio passes to heirs regardless of market performance.

Implement After discussing the pros and cons of various solutions strategies, we work with you to decide which ones we should implement.

Review and adjust. Once implemented, we audit the results, review with you and make adjustments as needed. As your goals change, a strategy might underperform or new needs might arise. Our process, just like life and the markets, is ever evolving and we need to do so as well.