About Us

Maynard & Associates Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that focuses on investment management, Social Security and retirement income planning, and long-term care and life insurance strategies.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the planning process should be an educational and collaborative one between our firm, our partners, and most importantly, you. We strive to find the best solutions for you.

Our Process

We believe that a successful outcome involves a deep understanding of you and what you are trying to accomplish. We work with you to explore possible strategies to reach your goals, discussing the pros and cons of those strategies, and together agreeing on a plan of action.

Our Services


Investment Planning

We manage money the way you want it managed. We offer non-proprietary strategies, which are either fee-based, commission-based or both. During our conversation of possible strategies, we together weigh the pros and cons of what might be best for you. Through our alignment with Securities Service...

Social Security and Retirement Planning

We are uniquely positioned to help you understand how to optimize your Social Security filing options and integrate that decision into a comprehensive retirement plan. Elizabeth worked for the Social Security Administration for over a decade; David has helped clients with their investments for...

Insurance Planning

We care about ensuring that you, your family and your business are taken care of in case of an unfortunate life event. Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan because it can help protect you and your family from undue hardship. We strive to bring you the best coverage for...

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